Online Mediation

I offer mediation online. Online mediation can work very well.

I trained in online mediation during 2018. It was something I felt I should be able to offer. At that point it was really to allow for mediation where people lived far apart, sometimes on different continents, and wanted to mediate.

In March 2020 there was a great migration on to Zoom for work and social connection. All my work moved online. I could see benefits and challenges.

Some benefits:
  • It made mediation possible during the lockdown and subsequent restrictions
  • It can take away some of the anxiety about meeting face to face to talk – face by face can feel less challenging
  • It’s easier to arrange
  • People are generally now more used to connecting on a screen
Some challenges:
  • It is different being on screen to being in person when you are rehearsing recalibrating communication
  • Possible anxiety about the technology
Some of the things that are the same:
  • The individual meetings I have at the start provide a chance for me to check mediation is a good ‘fit’ for you
  • The same things need to be talked about
  • Online can still provide a sense of real connection, including with young people where that is appropriate
Where online mediation fits in now:
  • It’s always possible to do online mediation
  • There will be times it is only possible to do online mediation
  • Contact me and we can discuss what the options are