Costs & Practicalities

How many meetings?

Mediation starts with an individual meeting which lasts between 45 minutes and one and a half hours.

After that the sessions are usually joint and last between one and a half and two hours.

There’s no set number of sessions but it’s not unusual to have 3 joint sessions. Sometimes there may be less, sometimes more.

mother and daughter

What's the cost?

The fees are charged on the following basis in most cases. Where a court has been involved already, experts have been instructed or evidence has been heard, or other more complex cases, the costs will be as agreed. Otherwise my charges are:


for an individual session, paid by each person


for a joint session, shared equally between you, so you pay £80 each


for a child inclusive mediation session, meeting any children, shared equally between you so you pay £80 each


for a non binding written summary, shared between you so you pay £80 each

Fees will be issued after each session for payment before the next session or after a summary is sent out.