Are you trying to break up… without falling apart?

Are you?

• thinking about separating?
• about to separate?
• in the middle of a separation?

Are you trying to break up - without falling apart? If so, it's really important to choose the right kind of separation to make it a transition, not a fight.

Probably each of you will have started making sense of your lives together in a different way. You may each have a different idea of how you got here and what should happen next.

That can make things messy when you need to make plans about children, money or property. A well managed separation makes a huge difference to children.  Divorce ends the adult relationship but not the one as parents.

Sorting things out sensibly saves resources for your family that might otherwise go on expenses. Usually some help is needed to keep on track to focus on the things that matter to you both rather than get distracted by the things that you don’t agree about.

Mediation can provide the bridge of a problem solving structured approach.

I’d like to help you by:
  • Checking if mediation is the right process for you
  • Helping you weigh up other options
  • Providing resources and information

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If mediation is right for you and your partner we can get started on that process.

And if you’re wondering about the word 'Inkdance' – that’s an anagram for my name. It helps illustrate how different something can be when it’s looked at another way!

Anne Dick