Child Inclusive Meditation

Children’s lives can become very complicated when their parents separate. A young person may be an only child in one household and the youngest of stepsiblings in another. There may be many new relationships to navigate.

It’s helpful for children if their parents are able to use mediation as part of making the transition to being separated parents. It can also be helpful for the young person to have the opportunity to meet the mediator.

The views of young people are an important factor when arrangements are being made which affect them. Because I am trained in child inclusive mediation I am able to offer young people the chance to have direct involvement, if they wish.

The objectives of child inclusive mediation are:-

  • the opportunity for children to have a voice in practical decision making
  • to allow young people to feel they understand better what is going on in their family and that they have been heard in the midst of the changes
  • to allow parents a supported process to gain a fuller understanding of how separation feels for their children and what might make things easier

The building blocks of child inclusive mediation are:-

  • it is for children aged 10 and over
  • both parents need to agree
  • the young person has a choice about whether to participate
  • the young person has control over what, if anything, is fed back

One of the benefits of child inclusive mediation is that where young people have a voice in  making arrangements, the arrangements tend to work better!

Anne Dick