Mindfulness Training

Online 8 week mindfulness course with Anne Dick and Margaret Kerr

What is Mindfulness?

Contemporary mindfulness fosters being aware of what is going on in the present moment, rather than getting drawn into regret about the past or anxiety about the future. It can help us to respond creatively and compassionately, rather than reacting unconsciously or habitually.

How did contemporary mindfulness develop?

In 1979, Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of Medicine, founded the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course at the University of Massachusetts to help people deal with chronic pain and stress. Buddhist practices were among the elements it drew from.

Mindfulness ideas and practices are now used in Medicine to help treat a variety of conditions and to promote physical and mental wellbeing. MBSR and similar courses are now widely applied in the NHS, schools and business as well as for individuals.

Why an 8-week course?

The 8 week course which Jon Kabat-Zinn developed was carefully constructed to allow participants gain insight and establish new habits. Each weekly session of the online course builds from the previous week and adds a new ingredient to establishing mindfulness in mind and body. Further material is provided in a handout and audio-recordings of home practices after each session.

Who are the trainers?

Margaret Kerr and Anne Dick are both qualified mindfulness teachers and longstanding members of Glasgow Zen group. Their mindfulness teacher training was in line with UK Mindfulness network’s guidelines. Margaret is registered with BAMBA (a nation-wide network of mindfulness teachers).

Being in Glasgow Zen group and meditating there helped Anne navigate the challenge of running a legal practice and helping clients who were going through stressful times.  As mindfulness became increasingly popular, and research evidence mounted to support its effectiveness, Anne decided to train in this approach.

Margaret Kerr has been a psychotherapist for 22 years and became involved in mindfulness almost thirty years ago. She provided training in Anne’s office and helped to develop Collaborative Practice training in Scotland.

What does the 8-week course cover?

Week 1: Developing awareness and waking up to the autopilot

Week 2: Keeping the body in mind and staying grounded

Week 3: Gathering the scattered mind. Coming back to the here and now by connecting with the breath and body

Week 4: Recognising reactivity. Noticing how the wish to avoid unpleasant sensations takes us away into rumination

Week 5: Allowing and letting be. Relating differently to unpleasant feelings and sensations

Week 6: Relating to thoughts rather than from them

Week 7: Taking care of ourselves. Considering how to weave mindfulness into daily activities

Week 8: Living mindfully. Reinforcing how to build awareness into everyday life

How do I sign up?

The next course will be on Mondays from 6.30pm to 7.45pm starting 19th April 2021 and will cost £120.

If you would like to attend the course could you contact either of the trainers by email giving a note of your phone number. One of them will phone you for a brief chat to check that the course is right for you.

Their contact details are:

Anne: anne@inkdancemediation.co.uk
Margaret: margaret.heatherkerr@gmail.com